Repair Roof Capping and Pointing



Re-bedding, capping, ridges, hip & gable ends.

If your tiles are loose, you will need to re-bed the capping tiles, to do this remove all tiles in the affected area, being careful not to break any, start to clean up roof tiles, on the ground using a hammer and a cold chisel, clean up old capping tiles using the same or you could use an angle grinder with a masonry/diamond blade attached, after all tiles are cleaned you need to start to re-bed.


Mix the mortar mix, 4 parts sand and 1 part cement, mix to a paste like consistency, lay in 2 parallel lines one on either side, do this at the width of your capping tiles, lay your tiles in the bedding cement mix making sure your laying the tiles straight and overlapping by about 25mm. Using a trowel remove all excess bedding mix and trowel off to a nice finish, install weep holes at the ridge and clean off capping tiles of cement residue. Leave this to dry completely.


Pointing, To finish off the job, using a premixed flexible coloured pointing compound, apply a small amount of this to the surface of the bedding and overlapping joins to smooth off, re-install weep holes to ridge, clean off top surface of capping tiles. DONE!



Re-pointing, capping, ridges, hip & gable ends.

If your tiles are tight but pointing in bad order, You will need to clean all joins using a high pressure water cleaner or a wire brush, you might need to add some anti fungal solution at this point if need be. Once the working area is clean and dry, remove old flaking material, using an old chisel create a small ‘v’ gap along the broken lines to open it up just a little, clean and dust off, using a trowel apply the coloured pre mix pointing compound neatly. DONE!

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