Sliding door and window maintenance



Keep your sliding/rolling doors and windows moving the way they were when they were first installed, follow these quick and easy steps and perform them at least quarterly, this task can be easily completed during your normal household clean.

Whether aluminium or timber, the maintenance is the same, these steps are for maintenance and are not repairs, so providing your rollers (top and bottom), spiral sash balances, sash window pulley roller, sash chord and weights and brushes are fine and there is no build up of excessive paint, lets move on.


  1. General clean, use a dry clean brush or cloth, remove any grease, oil, dirt & grime, for sliding doors you may need to vacuum to get the last of the dust out.

  2. Using an emergency candle, on aluminium doors and windows, rub this along the bottom rolling track, top running channel, anywhere where the window or door slides along. Timber windows and doors, rub the candle wax along any running tracks, along the stiles where the top and bottom sash meet, along any parting bead, move the window up and down or doors back and forth and keep rubbing the candle wax in along all channels and other areas where the windows and doors touch, until the moving parts run freely. This wont take long.



  1. Done.


We use candle wax because, wax does not collect or attract any dirt or dust, yet lubricates all tracks and moving parts. Wax does not soak into timber and stain over time. Candles are cheep and we all or should have some of these candles in our cupboard or under the sink, I have some in my tool box at all times.


NOTE; do not use any grease or spray lubricants on any tracks.

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