Roof Vents and Whirly Birds



Roof vents and whirly birds

In summer roof ventilation is a great way of relieving the build up of heat within the roof space of your home. Heat build up increases the inside temperature of the home as very hot air is trapped and the heat transfers through the ceiling to inside the home. Insulation plays a major role in stopping heat from the roof space radiating through the ceiling to the inside of the home. However a roof vent lowers the heat build up by extracting the hot air and pulling in cooler air. This makes the insulation more efficient and able to block the heat more efficiently thus resulting in lower inside temperatures.

The above is true for summer, but what about winter?

Whirly birds remove winter damp with fresh air, resulting in reduced energy costs and dry, more effective insulation.

Moisture can result in mould, mildew, rot and peeling paintwork.

When installing a roof vent be sure to add some eave snap-in vents around at equal intervals (about 2-3 per roof vent) to draw the cool air through and help push the hot air out through your new roof vent.

Whirly birds come in many colours and types, these include, Wind powered, Electric powered, Solar powered & Static Vents.

All of these can be installed on any roof type.

Save time and money by installing a whirlybird today

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