Smoke Detectors



Most of the time the Smoke Detector is that annoying thing that go’s off when I cook the dinner. But they are very important, so much so that they are required to be installed into every new house and all rental properties.

Smoke detectors can save your life and the life of your family, but most importantly your life, bugger everyone else!

Testing your smoke detector,

Test your smoke detector every month, to do this there are a few ways;

First, the practical test. Take a lit candle and hold it under the detector for up to 30 seconds. If the detector does not sound, blow out the candle and allow the smoke to flow up to the smoke detector. If the detector still does not go off, you should change the battery or if hard wired have it serviced.

Second, The physical test. Use a broom and press the test button for up to 3 seconds, the alarm should sound off, if not, you should change the battery or if hard wired have it serviced.


Changing the Battery,

Regardless how long your battery is supposed to last, change it every year on a particular day, such as daylight saving, 1st January, 30th June or a birthday you choose the day.

Taking care to get there, take the Smoke Detectors cover off, remove the battery (usually square 9v) change the old battery for a new one, replace the cover and test your Smoke Detector as above.



If you live in a rental property, ask your real estate agent for a yearly inspection to ensure its serviceability.


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