Top 10 areas to beautify your home


 Top 10 areas to beautify your home

Selling your home, Just bought a home, or just wanting to make your place look a little better. Here are 10 tips where I think some homes can do with a little attention.

  1. Change door handles & kitchen knobs, By changing all door handles in the house can give your home a nice clean fresh look, if you wait till a sale or when the hardware stores are having a clearance you can pick these up quite cheaply.
  2. Change tap handles, spoutsand towel rails, These items should suit the style and era of your bathroom, kitchen & laundry.
  3. Clean away rubbish, By removing built up and unused items around your yard you give your home a sense of space and looks great while being easy to mow.
  4. Round up weeds on drive and path, remove weeds on pathways and give your home a nice defined walking, driving and parking areas.
  5. Change light fittings, Light fittings are a cheap way of giving your home a nice lift, put a beautiful light fitting over your dinner table or in your entry way, a couple of down lights over bench tops in kitchen area or an imitation chandelier in the main bed room, you could even have your light switches changed.
  6. Pressure wash, A simple pressure wash can save you plenty of money by instead of painting, Clean your outside walls and eaves, drive way, paths, retaining walls and deck area, some places you may need to add a cleaning solution first to kill off mould and moss spores.
  7. Upgrade fuse box, Upgrade your old and possibly dangerous fuse box to safety switch circuit breaker (clipsal), although not all that cheap but at the same time and if you have the money you could have the power points changed or have more installed, new lights, fans or maybe some new appliances installed.
  8. Remove timber from under house, if you have a house on piers and you have timber or other rubbish stored under there, get it out, its not good to have this junk under there, its hard for tradies to get around to do there work and timber is an invitation for termites to invite themselves over for dinner. If you are selling and there is build up of timber this will end up on your building inspection.
  9. Clear gardens away from house foundations, No garden should end up higher than your houses foundations, high garden beds are a major cause for damp and a hidden entry for termites to enter your home.
  10. De-clutter home, If you are selling, this is a biggie, potential buyers do not want to see all your clutter, in their mind they like to see their possessions in place, in your home before buying. It also allows the buyers to look for potential damage, with a build up of clutter it could look as though you are hiding something.

You don’t need to do all of these now or at the same time, you might like to do just one or two. Have a look around your home and see where your home could use some attention. If you are selling, by doing some of these you could get a better price or even sell quicker. Have a go and provide a comment.

So, what do you think ?